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Mr. Leather Baden-Wuerttemberg 2019/20 09.05.2019 - 12.05.2019 LC Stuttgart e.V. - May Meeting 2019 with election of Mr. Leather Baden-Wuerttemberg 2019/20


Termine & Events

Congratulations, Marcus Kapp!

We would like to thank all our dedicated candidates Ron, Marco and Marc as well as all guests, helping hands, title and function holders who made this event unforgettable!

This were Your candidates:

In order of registration entry:

1) Ronald, Stuttgart:

"Dear Community,

I would like to introduce myself to you as a candidate for the election of the MLBW 2019/20.

My name is Ronald (or briefly Ron) and I was born in May 1966 (that means almost 53). For 20 years, I have been in a partnership that was "sealed" by our marriage three years ago. Born in the north of Germany, I've been living in Stuttgart for about 24 years and am on my way in the Stuttgart scene for just as long - which also includes the local leather scene. During this time, I was allowed to experience and undergo the scene and everything that was part of it, and I was acting against incomprehension and for the opening towards equality. I was already involved in the public relations department of Abseitz e.V. (Stuttgart´s sports club of the community) as head of department.

Should I be elected by you, I would like to play a part in the Stuttgart leather and fetish community and to contribute towards the outside in order to strengthen the community. It is important to me that we continue to be known beyond Stuttgart and that existing contacts are deepened and maintained. Furthermore, for me, the equality and recognition of the queer community remains effective as an important point on my agenda."

2) Marco, Stuttgart:

"Dear fetish friends,

I introduce myself as a candidate for the MLBW election.

My name is Marco Wunderlich, I was born on 06th of March 1983 in Heilbronn. I have been living in Stuttgart for a good 5 years and live for about 3 years in a civil partnership, which fortunately, we were able to convert into a marriage 2 years ago. Professionally, I'm on the road with the SSB as a city railway driver.
Shortly after Stuttgart became my new home, I joined the team organizing CSD. I am still faithful to this and also intend to fight for our rights in future years. That's how I got to know the scene and the localities very well. I like staying in these. Although many rant about the Stuttgart scene and sometimes speak badly, I can only say the opposite. It is always nice to meet new and nice people and to experience beautiful evenings in this way. That's why I also take care of the events in the CSD Stuttgart App every week, so you can see how diverse our Stuttgart is.
For me, the fetish is an important part of my life. My fetishes range from leather, rubber, sportswear to sneakers and ox. That's why I enthusiastically organize the Stuttgart Fetish Pub Crawl together with a friend, where we move through the scene in fetish outfits.

If I win the election, I will of course continue to do so and strengthen it. Fetish is something you do not have to hide, but show and live (out). Because fetish is very diverse, and should also appeal to the younger generation. I stand for it with full energy.

I hope you enjoy browsing through the candidates´ profiles."

3) Marc, Stuttgart:

"Hello fetish guys,

my name is Marc and I have been a native of Stuttgart for 43 years. I've been married to my husband Niels for 3 years, and we've both slowly approached the topic of fetish in our more than 11 years together. Everything started in the club bar of LC Stuttgart. A few days before Christmas 2007, I met my Niels there. This is where our entry into the fetish world began, initially in sportswear, then army and leather, and finally into rubber.

Professionally, I am anchored in Stuttgart and have been able to gain a lot of experience through my membership in LC Stuttgart since 2009. That's how I was able to keep track of the objectives and tasks that the previous titleholders had set during their term of office.

Should I be elected by you to the MLBW 2019/20, I will use my office to represent the leather and fetish community in Mannheim, Stuttgart and beyond the country's borders. A special concern for me is to encourage fetish-related, unexperienced guys and to introduce them into the fetish and into the community. I will represent and defend the interests of the LSBTTIQ community.

Yours, Marc"

4) Marcus, Waiblingen:

"Hello friends of the leather and fetish scene,

I would like to introduce myself as a candidate for the election of Mr. Leather BaWue 19/20.

My name is Marcus Kapp (friends just call me Marc) and I'm a Bavarian in Wuerttemberg, but that since early childhood. I was born on 10th of May 1972 in Landsberg on river Lech. I count now 46 years that I'm proud of and happy about every new year that comes to it. You are maturing and developing, learning to appreciate things that used to be less important.
Why do I stand for election? Well, I belong to the fetish scene for many years. More specifically, I licked blood for my 18th birthday when I first came to Connexion in Mannheim. Shivering anxiously down into the Jail´s and then immediately realizing that I belong to this scene... that leather or the fetish belong to me. And from there it started. The first leather pants... the first pair of boots. Unfortunately, there was still a lack of self-confidence to deal with it.
Meanwhile, the fetish is part of my life. Open and honest. I carry it in the scene as well as in my workplace, which is public, as a matter of course. But that included a good assertiveness and courage. And I would like to bring this courage as Mr. Leather up to many of you. Be open to it... show yourself... give a signal that we exist. Show the people out there that there is also a great and open fetish scene in Baden-Wuerttemberg. I want to strengthen and expand that. To make it easier for young fetish beginners to step into this world. Because what should one be afraid of?
YOU are there... so show and live the life you want to live. I think there is nothing worse than a shadowy existence to avoid the talk of others. You only have one life... and you should live that proudly. Go with me smiling past open mouths. I do not want a revolution... I just want respect for our cause. That's why I'm running for this office. I would also like to be your representative at other leather clubs and to represent Baden-Wuerttemberg. Incidentally, I've been a member of BLUF for a few years, I participate in fetish-oriented events, and am well-established in the scene. And I'm known for one thing: I say what I think... bluntly and honestly! I stand by everything I do and I'm damn proud of it!

So... now you know why I face the election... and of course I wish the other candidates good luck and, above all, fun. And in any case, Baden-Wuerttemberg will win... with its new representative!!

Sincerely, Marc"


We thank our sponsors for of May Meeting 2019 with the election of Mr. Leather Baden-Wuerttemberg 2019/20. The sponsors are looking forward to your visit:

Sponsor A&S Lederwerkstatt Maitreffen 2019 und Mr. Leather Baden-Württemberg 2019/20 Sponsor BenSWild Maitreffen 2019 und Mr. Leather Baden-Württemberg 2019/20 Sponsor Blackstyle Maitreffen 2019 und Mr. Leather Baden-Württemberg 2019/20 Sponsor Boots Maitreffen 2019 und Mr. Leather Baden-Württemberg 2019/20

Sponsor Eagle Maitreffen 2019 und Mr. Leather Baden-Württemberg 2019/20 Sponsor Erlkönig Maitreffen 2019 und Mr. Leather Baden-Württemberg 2019/20 Sponsor Kings Club Maitreffen 2019 und Mr. Leather Baden-Württemberg 2019/20 Sponsor Men Only Maitreffen 2019 und Mr. Leather Baden-Württemberg 2019/20

Sponsor Mr. Chaps Maitreffen 2019 und Mr. Leather Baden-Württemberg 2019/20 Sponsor Raw Maitreffen 2019 und Mr. Leather Baden-Württemberg 2019/20 Sponsor Café Solo Maitreffen 2019 und Mr. Leather Baden-Württemberg 2019/20 Sponsor Tom´s Bar Maitreffen 2019 und Mr. Leather Baden-Württemberg 2019/20

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