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We are pleased to welcome you
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LC Stuttgart e.V.

Are you into fetish? Are you a fetish guy? Does the fetish move you, and you go for uniforms, bikers, rubber or leather? In this case, you are right here. We are a gay fetish club from Stuttgart and are looking forward to friends of fetishes. We organize together with our club bar Eagle different fetish events, and we meet regularly for mutual exchange, recreational activities and more. Well-known are our main fetish event May Meeting and our LC Camp of many years, which we organize this year around Corpus Christi at the beautiful Eastern Swabian Jura.  

Our club is growing through its members and their ideas. Twice a year, we gather for our large General Meeting at Gay-Lesbian Centre Weissenburg, where new members and interested people can introduce themselves and fill in and hand over an membership application. You can find the membership application as a download on this website. Everything that belongs to a vital club is discussed at our General Meetings like idea collection, event planning, introduction of new members into our club and a lot more.

Best Greetz

Chairman of LC Stuttgart e.V.

Fetish is without limits!

Current issues:

Coffee Party 01.11.2018


New Year´s Eve Party 31.12.2018

And from now on, you can order
LC Stuttgart - Devotional Objects

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