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Power moves

Über uns

The leather club of Stuttgart was founded in 1976 to offer the possibility of a closed presence and organization to the local leather scene. Meanwhile, it has become one of the leading representatives and organizers of gay life in Stuttgart. LC Stuttgart set itself the target to be a contact point for people looking for orientation as well as a forum for common acitivities and especially an interest group of the leather- and fetish scene. The activities of the club have not been and are not driven alone by fetish oriented interests. So, LC Stuttgart was for instance one of the dedicated co-founder of the AIDS-organization of Stuttgart. At the same time, there is a co-operation at gay-lesbian centre Weissenburg where we realize common actions and events. Furthermore, wie a foundation member of the interest group CSD Stuttgart. But not only activities being effective in public do determine the work of LC Stuttgart. So, a social fonds and a group of social delegates was installed in order to support members being in cases of hardship (not only through AIDS).

The sphere of influence of LC Stuttgart is farly not only limited to the regional scene. On a national level, the club represents with its almost 100 members one of the largest clubs of the LFC (Leather and Fetish Community). In this umbrella organization of the German speaking clubs, common activities and events are arranged and executed. The large dedication of LC Stuttgart in the umbrella organization is reflected by the fact that we provide it with the proxy spokesman. As for the whole European territory, the LC Stuttgart is member of the ECMC ECMC (European Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs). One of the highlights of the club life surely was the organization of the Annual General Meeting of the ECMC in 2001 in Stuttgart on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the club. Furthermore, LC Stuttgart organizes one of the most famous leather meetings, the international May Meeting with Rough Men Night, as well as the popular LC Camp in the Black Forest.

Regular events of LC Stuttgart are club afternoons on each third Saturday of the month at changing private hosts being club members, hiking events, barbecues, outings, special fetish events and sessions. A part of club life which cannot be excluded is the motor bike group with its events and cruises.

All events and news can be found in the info media "Info service". It is published on a monthly base and is sent to the members as well as put up inside the club bar Eagle.

The balance, we could draw after 40 years, is a story of success. It was 40 years of untiring work by a lot of members and friends who turned LC Stuttgart to the actual state. We would like to thank everybody campaigning for LC Stuttgart during those years in a dedicated way. Of course, we have not reached all our targets yet. There is still a lot to do. In this spirit, we are looking forward to welcoming you at our club bar Eagle or at one of our events.

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